Life is a Journey – How to Overcome Hard Times


Life is a journey, and some of us would refer life to a roller coaster; with ups, downs, and sometimes even loops! We will always experience good times and bad times, it’s a part of life. Sometimes we just go in loops over the same situation because we haven’t gotten over that obstacle, or perhaps we haven’t learned what the purpose was.


Even though life is full of obstacles, it’s nothing to worry about. If things are meant to happen the way it does, it will happen no matter how much we try to avoid it. If it’s part of our life, nothing can avoid the troubled times. All we can do is stay strong and fight through those times.

Many people often ask how to overcome hard times. Well, other than feeling overwhelmed by the hard times, do we reflect on ourselves often enough? Do we reflect on our life or remember all the good times we’ve had?

Life Is A Journey With Ups And Downs

Life is a journey with ups and downs. They are the result of the choices we make so who are we to blame when we go through tough times? Also, just because we go through tough times, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad if we really think about it. Maybe we were meant to make that “bad” choice and go through down times to learn.

No one’s life is perfect and if anyone claims that their life is perfect, they are only lying to themselves. Even those who stay positive through the hard times won’t tell you that their life is perfect; the more they will tell you their life is imperfect. However, they find a workaround and experience joy in times of trouble.

Each day is a new day and each day comes new challenges. Don’t let the bad times from the previous day hinder us because it’s already gone to the past; put it behind us. Start each day with a freshened mind and start the day with a positive mindset.


When we go through the ups, we can be joyful and celebrate with loved ones. What do we do during our down times? Worry? Become angry? Become upset? No! I mean, we’re all human and we all have feelings but don’t let the bad times hold us down. We can choose to be happy during the toughest days in our lives by finding the positive things to be happy about.

Think about it, you wake up each day and have a chance to start over. Shouldn’t we be happy about that? We should be happy that we have another day to live, another day to make a difference, another day to make changes. The bad times vary from a few minutes, to a few hours, to a day, two days, few days, a month, a few months, even years! Don’t let the down times make us become a bitter person. WE have the choice and ultimately, the decision is ours whether we want to be bitter or not. However, if we decide to choose to become bitter then we better not blame others for what we will face down the road.

We Are Who We Choose To Be

Often times when we’re going through difficult situations we tend to compare ourselves with other people. For example, one might think, “Why do I have to go through all this pain while person XYZ does so much to hurt other people and still have the best luck ever? This isn’t fair!”.

Now, how many of us can admit having thought of that in tough times? I’ll admit that I have thought that way before but now when I come to think of it, isn’t it more of a blessing for me to go through bad times? I’m learning through it all. Maybe you’re asking, what is it that you’re even learning?

learn-to-forgiveThrough the tough times I’m learning to be patient, I’m learning to be humble, I’m learning to be forgiving, I’m learning to be more loving even though I may have encountered someone/people who don’t deserve the love or forgiveness. You know, being able to forgive others and being able to love those who wrong you isn’t always the easiest thing to do but it’s one of the best things you CAN do for yourself; it’s also a blessing if you’re able to let it go.

When we learn to be more patient, we’re able to endure and tolerate the toughest situation that we may face. No, not everyone faces the same situation and we will never know how each person feels or the pain that each individual is going through. There is however, one thing that we can ALL do and we can ALL feel; choose to stay happy, choose to say humble, and choose to stay positive. I know I know, it’s easier said than done right? Well, how much do YOU want to be happy? How much do YOU want to stay miserable?

When we learn to be humble, it doesn’t give other people an excuse to wrong us. Of course, they may find ways but the smallest excuses that they can come up with will no longer affect us. It’ll only seem so silly!

When we forgive those who have wronged us, we give ourselves that inner peace and we’re not allowing that person or those people to affect us no matter how much he/she is trying to hurt us; we can learn to take it positively and just smile through it.

When we learn to love others even when they don’t deserve it, we are teaching them to love. You never know, one day down the road they may think about their own actions and realize how terrible they once treated certain people.

Our lives will always be a journey, we won’t always go through good times and we won’t always go through bad times. It may not be a fair balance of each but in the end it’s all about staying positive and fighting through. We don’t only learn how to deal with situations, we also learn about ourselves and our abilities. Sometimes, it takes tough times for us to realize just how tough we really are.

Who Is Tougher?

The bad times aren’t meant to break us, it’s meant to strengthen us. Sometimes in order for us to learn, we must go through the downs in life. That is when we really put more of our focus into making our lives better, don’t you agree? When we face hard times, we tend to get upset or angry about the situation but we also want to find a solution to the problem. There will always be 2 paths for us to walk, the right path and the wrong path. Whichever path we decide to take is our own decision. If we happen to choose the right path, things will start to come together but if we take the wrong path we will continue to face hard times. However, that doesn’t mean the hard times won’t pass.

Some people will move on from tough situations faster than others but it doesn’t mean anything. We don’t know how much more the person has already suffered and we don’t know how much more that person will be suffering down the road. That also goes for us, we don’t know how much more we may need to suffer in the future and that is why we should learn to stay positive despite all that we go through. It’s never too late! If you’re reading this post now, you’re probably looking for a way to endure and overcome the hard times. If you want to make the change now is the time, don’t delay any further!

Leap of Faith!

Are you one to think that you’re weak? Are you one to think you fail because you keep going through those down times? Rest assured that you will definitely get through it. However, don’t become bitter! The more bitter we become, the harder it is to get through rough times. Not only will we hurt those around us, we will end up hurting ourselves.

Remember this! if you’re currently going through one of the down times right now, you will get through it! Stay strong! If you need that support and think that you have no one supporting you, I’m here and I support you! I’m sure many other people will support you too, let us all come together! Drop me a message, I will get back to you ASAP!


If you’re currently going through the “ups” in life right now, I’m happy for you but when you hit the next obstacle remember to stay positive.

Life will never be steady, we will continue to hit wave after wave – it’s just a part of life. We all have our own battles! Some people may be fighting an inner battle and seem fine on the outside so remember to stay gentle with those you come across.

Cherish The Good Times, Cherish The Bad Times

We go through both good and bad times in life and regardless of what we have to face, we should cherish those times. The bad times may not be the best times in our lives but we may have learned something and that is why I say cherish the good times and the bad times.

It may sound rough when I mention “bad times” but if you really think about it, are ALL the bad times that we go through REALLY that bad? Has it gone to its extreme? I’d like to think not. If we’re not facing something that is extremely bad with a point of no return then I wouldn’t consider it REALLY bad. I mean, if there are other options to make things better than it’s somewhat good, agree? You still have a chance to change; you still have a chance to change the situation and make things better or find other ways to manage the situation.

nothing-lasts-foreverNothing lasts forever; nothing we have at the moment and nothing we own lasts forever. There will be a day when we have to drop what we currently have. There are many sacrifices needed to be made throughout our lives even when we don’t want to. For example, our loved ones. We will all die one day, people we have around us won’t be with us forever. As a matter of fact, we don’t even know what’s going to happen the next minute or the next day!

Let’s move aside from our loved ones, any materials we currently possess won’t last forever either. We can’t bring all of that with us when we die, everything gets left behind. Hence, the saying of, “travel while you’re young and able”. If we just work to earn and not spend, where would our money go? Towards paying bills? What fun is there in just earning to pay bills? Travel while we still can because we will grow old one day and we won’t be able to tolerate long flights or we won’t be able to do long hikes and climb up steep hills. Are you with me here? When we’re young, we can still do crazy things like jump into a lake from a high elevation.


Nothing and I mean nothing, lasts forever. Not loved ones, not materials. Cherish what we currently have and cherish those we have around us. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, what we have today may all be gone tomorrow.

cherish-the-momentLook at the famines around the world today. Victims of those famines may have a lot in possession but what happens when natural disaster strikes? All is gone! Sure, maybe you can file it with your insurance company but will you get back what you originally had? Nothing will be the same especially when certain things are a big part of a memory to us.

Cherish all that we have today, cherish life, cherish the moments, and never take things for granted. One day we will look back on the times we’ve cherished and instead of being bitter about it, we can be joyful because of what we once had.

Bad times don’t last and in bad times, you can even gain something you’d never thought of gaining. Here’s the thing though, are you willing to make sacrifices during the bad times in order to gain far more?

Both good and bad times will come and go but the choice is ours whether we want to look at the situation with a positive thought or if we want to go about with negative thoughts. Of course, during the bad times we usually resort to the negatives but know that if we believe in Jesus, we will get the inner peace that we desperately need in those times.

One thing we must acknowledge however, believing in Jesus doesn’t mean the problem will disappear instantly because it won’t; everything takes time. It just means that we trust Him enough throughout the process and that He will provide inner peace and an open door or open doorS even. The first step is to have faith, the next step is to trust and leave it all in His hands.

plant-a-seedThink about a harvest. If you plant seeds, would you expect to see a full-grown tomato plant instantly? No! We are just like plants, everything takes time and in the right time and season everything will work out.

Often times, we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. So I say, Cherish cherish cherish! Be grateful for what you have before it’s too late.

Tough Times Don’t Last – Tough People Do

Tough times don’t last and there will always be a workaround. It’s just like playing video games, it’s only hard when we don’t know the strategy to pass a stage but once we learn we can then move on and get past the challenging times. It’s the same thing with life; once we find a way to get past a hurdle, we’ll be climbing over that obstacle.

All the hard times that we go through is ultimately a learning process. However, some people may think that no matter how hard they try they can’t get out of those tough times. Well, have we learned what we needed to learn? We may say, “Yes but I’m still going through crappy times!”. Unfortunately, it’s not about what WE think we have learned. What we think and the reality is completely different. We have a mind of our own and often times we choose to believe what we want to believe.

Nobody goes through the same situations but we may go through similar obstacles. We may feel like we have gone through what someone else has gone through but the most we can do is just relate. Everyone’s obstacles are different but all we need to remember is that the tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Knowing that tough times will pass, we just need to strengthen ourselves and endure the waves that hit us. Tough people last because they choose to stay strong and positive throughout life’s trials. If many tough people out there can do it, what makes YOU think you can’t? You can be just a tough if not more!

In order to stay tough, we need to set our mind to being positive. When we’re going through tough times, we often find ourselves falling deeper and deeper into our emotions. We can control our own thoughts and feelings; other people have no control over that. If we allow others to control our minds then we are the ones giving in to them. We should be reminded that we know ourselves far more than anyone else.


Do you know the one person who actually knows you more, more than ANYONE including yourself? If you’re guessing Jesus, you’re right! If He allows these tough times to happen then trust Him that He will get you through it all. Again, all it takes is that leap of faith and have trust in Him.

Hardships in life makes us stronger and helps us persevere. Through the tough times, we learn to love ourselves more and we find ways of dealing with every obstacle we run into. Hence, we come out much stronger and that is one thing that God wants for us. He is shaping us into the person that He wants us to be; He is strengthening us and showing us how strong we really are.

Often times, many people think they don’t have what it takes or they’re just not good enough. Have we ever thought about how God thinks of us? He doesn’t give us things to deal with if He knows we’re not strong enough to handle it. However, He does allow it. Why? Because He knows we are strong enough to overcome whatever we are facing. We may not be able to do it alone and we are for sure not alone. Even though He may not be there in a way for us to see, touch and feel, God opens doors for us and He sends people to us to help us get through the tough times.

Try to reflect the number of times that you were going through a tough time and your friends came to you or you somehow got a job after years of looking for one. Perhaps you even run into a stranger who was able to offer you something you needed; like a job for example or even as a network. Things don’t just happen, agree with me here? It’s not “luck”, it was meant to happen and you went through those times to get to where you are in order to meet people whom you’d never thought you’d run into.


You might think, “Well, I have friends, of course they’ll come to me when I need help!”. Yes, you’re right! But have you thought of friends as being a blessing? I mean, it’s not a “must” for us to be able to keep our friends around and you don’t often find true friendship.

Going back to what I said earlier, don’t take friends for granted because if we wrong them we may lose a friend. Then there’s also that saying that not everyone is meant to be in our lives, right? Well, technically we don’t know who is meant to stay in our lives and who isn’t but I think everyone deserves respect either way whether it’s a long term friendship or not.

How to Overcome Hard Times

There is no easy way of overcoming hard times as it’s one of the ways to help us persevere. We must go through hard times in order to learn and to build ourselves.

everyday-can-be-a-good=dayOne of the ways that we can overcome hard times is by staying positive no matter how bad things may seem. Whether we go through good times or bad times, the time will pass so why not stay positive and get through it all being more joyful? Overcoming hard times will never be easy but it’s in what we feed our minds. Feed our minds with positive thoughts and stay away from bitterness; the happier you can be and more peaceful you will feel, internally.

When we’re going through hard times, it’s so easy for us to become all bitter or we just completely kill our mood. It’s not easy to stay positive and I know many of you will tell me, ‘it’s easier said than done!’ and you are right, it is! However, it is also on US whether we want to get through it positively or not. We need to have the mindset to stay positive and push through. During the times we’re trying to stay positive, there will always be negative things happening; no doubt about that. The harder it is to stay positive, the more we need to stay positive and kick down every obstacle that we face! In every situation, it doesn’t matter how many negative points you can pick out. Just pick out ONE positive point and use that ONE point to be your reason to stay positive!

Challenge Yourself

Going through hard times requires us to push push, and push! We must push through the hard times. We can’t possibly just stand in one spot waiting for the hard times to pass because it won’t. We need to make a move/change and make sacrifices along the way because perhaps what we had been doing just wasn’t the right way. Or maybe what we were doing before wasn’t meant for us. We will never know the full reason behind things that happen but just know that hard times will always pass and we can overcome the dark times.

exploring-natureAnother way that I’ve used was to just get outside. If it’s cold out, grab your jacket and head on out. Get out there away from your problems and just go for a walk; a hike or nature walk around the park. Enjoy the outdoors and keep your mind off of the problem. Go out for an hour or two, don’t think about anything else and just admire what you see on your walk. Learn to appreciate all these little things that we have time to enjoy because when we’re so caught up with ourselves and being so busy with life, we often neglect the little things around us.

Use the one to two hours to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the nature. You’ll even spot wildlife that you’ve never come across and maybe then, you’ll even pick up another hobby! Do this for a week then keep at it. You will find peace in doing so and not only that, you can even meet people along the way. Perhaps these new people are meant to cross path to help, we never know right? What we need to do is to take that first step.

There are things that many of us fail to do because we need to get out of our comfort zone and take that first step. Once we’re able to take that leap, we start to realize all these other ways we can go about in fixing our problems or to even get through the hard times.

You know, sometimes we just need a break from everything. After all, we’re not robots! Even robots can’t be overworked so what about us? We need time to replenish ourselves!

Take some time out to relax and freshen up, find something that interest us. Fill our thoughts and fill our minds with positivity and we will find positive solutions to the hard times. In no time, we will realize that we have already overcome our hard times because we’ve been so busy enjoying life and not dwelling on our problems!

The best way however, is to trust God in the process; pray pray pray! You may not see any changes the next minute, the next day, the next week, or the next year. Does that mean praying doesn’t work? Certainly not. God hears our prayers and He comforts us through the hard times while we wait. Doing everything our way and doing everything in our own time won’t get us anywhere. If it was meant to be, it will happen; if a door is meant to be closed, it will stay closed. The more we try to do things our own way when the door is shut, the more we will end up hurting ourselves.


Praying doesn’t mean what you ask for will happen instantly. Sometimes, God is telling us to wait. Maybe what we want isn’t for us or maybe what we want will hurt us in the end. What we want may not always be what God wants for us. What we think we want could all just be a tiny seed that may or may not grow but what God wants for us and what He has prepared for us is much greater; possibly a seed that He had already been watering for us! How much more will we get if we wait on His time?

One thing for sure from praying is, you receive the strength and inner peace to overcome the hard times. I don’t think going through hard times is that bad to be honest, it gives us the time to reflect on ourselves and our lives. When else will we actually take the time out to reflect when everything is going so well?

Pray about it, look up positive quotes, look up inspirational quotes, look up strengthening quotes, look up Bible verses, and best of all… try and look up “I need Jesus”. Just praying and reading all these quotes help. At least it’s given me a sense of peace, comfort, and worry free.

Times when we find it hardest to pray, the more we need to pray. Thinking that it’s hard to pray or having excuses not to pray is the enemy feeding our mind with lies telling us NOT to pray.

After all, what does the enemy want? For us to stay away from Christ, of course.

Psalm 34:18

There Is Always A Light At The End of Every Tunnel

There is always an end to everything, a light at the end of every tunnel.

I know many people who go by that saying but how many people would disagree with that? I for one agree on it. I mean, we go through bad times but there comes a day when we’re out of the storm; hence, there’s a light at the end of every tunnel. Nothing will last forever whether it’s good or bad times; there comes an end to everything.


Things may not be looking great at the very moment but I can guarantee you, better days are ahead. While we’re in the middle of a storm, we can’t predict when it will be over. When I say in the middle of a storm, I don’t literally mean an actual physical storm.

We may not see the end result during the process but when we get to the light, we will look back to realize what we went through, how strong we were, what we learned, and what the purpose was.

jesus-christ-crucifixion There is not one person who will NOT go through tough times, we all have our own stories and nobody has a perfect life. Might I add in, not even Jesus Christ himself. He did go through all that torturing and humiliation for things that he hadn’t done. Oh and we can’t forget that He died on the cross for our sins; He was crucified. Who else would do that for any of us today? Who would love us enough to do so?

Have confidence that everything will pass and if you’re going through some tough times right now, you will see the light!

Chase After The Light

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4 Replies to “Life is a Journey – How to Overcome Hard Times”

  1. Hi Teresa. Many thanks for the inspirational words. I like ‘Who is tougher, us or the situation.’ I believe that life never gives us more than we have the ability to deal with. So we are able to find solutions to any problems that come our way. We just need to be in a clear and loving space to be able to see the solutions.
    As you say, problems are a good teacher for us, and we should not stress out about them. If we can learn from our problems, then we become better people.
    Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post!

      For sure, we are given what we CAN handle. Although there are times when it seems like we can’t (self doubt), it doesn’t mean we really can’t. All it takes is that leap of faith! We’re definitely able to handle whatever situation we may face. Otherwise, why else would we run into it, right?

      Solutions aren’t always visible but like you said, we need a clear and loving space; a clear mind. That way, we can see things form different perspective and find the real solution.

      Thanks again for the read! =)


  2. Wow that was a long read Teresa! I tend to suffer from depression and dysthymia periodically and when I’m in the low moods it can be tough, I mean really tough to force my self out of the hole.

    Things that help me the most are walking in nature or the outdoors in general and just admiring all the intricate details of this world we roam in. The other thing is exercise. I believe a strong body results in a strong mind.

    One strange thing I have noticed is that I tend to get most depressed when everything is actually really fine. I start worrying about the small stuff like chores, finances, work stress etc. Then when something truly awful happens I sometimes kind of snap out of it and start really appreciating all the good things in my life.

    Many times we take our health, loved ones and wealth for granted and only realize how fragile everything is when we lose something. It truly is the simple things in life that matter. Having fun exercising, eating great food and doing it all in good company!

    1. Hi Jukka,

      I’m very glad and happy to know that you read through the long post =)

      Just know that you’re not the only one who suffers from depression and dysthymia. Many people out there suffer from those too but also keep in mind that you’ve got me and many other people here supporting you and helping you stay strong no matter what you have to face.

      I do find nature walks or pretty much anything outdoors help me clear my mind. Not only that, like you said another thing is exercise! It’s a bonus to take some time away from our stresses and just take in the beautiful nature.

      Sometimes, I find myself worrying about the smallest things too. It’s quite annoying huh? However, it’s nothing to worry about. You would not be facing issues like these unless you’re able to handle it. You’re much stronger than you think, Jukka!

      Let’s continue to enjoy what life has to offer us and to stay positive throughout every battle! You’ve got my support! =)


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