Why Do We Forgive – How To Be Forgiving

I believe that forgiveness is not an easy thing to do and probably many of you reading this agrees to that. Well, even though it’s not something easy to do, it’s still DOABLE and it becomes easier.

So the questions basically come down to, why do we forgive? Why do we need forgiveness? How can we be forgiving?

choose-to-be-joyfulWe forgive so that we can have inner peace, to be joyful, to have a more positive outlook on things, and to be a more positive person. We also forgive so that others may forgive and free themselves from self guilt.

What is forgiveness to you? Do you consider it TRUE forgiveness?

Many people tell me, “Oh yes, I’m a forgiving person. I have moved on from it already.”. Next thing I know, the rage and the hatred comes in when they start telling me the story.

Is that what we call true forgiveness? If we have truly forgiven someone, there should not be any rage, hatred, or offensive words toward that person. With true forgiveness, we don’t get rattled up thinking or talking about what happened and most importantly, we don’t go blaming someone for this and that. True forgiveness means PEACE. Peace with yourself and peace with others. Do you agree or disagree with me here?

To be forgiving, there are several things we first need to do:

  • Forgive ourselves
  • Forgive others
  • Letting go of our past
  • Letting go of our grudges.

1) Learn To Forgive Ourselves

Learn To Forgive Yourself

In order to be forgiving, we must first forgive ourselves; forgive ourselves for past mistakes! Just as others wrong us, we also wrong others. Some may intentionally hurt others, and some unintentionally hurt others. Those who intentionally hurt others most likely planned it to get someone back as a revenge, make people feel miserable to feel better about themselves (because of ego and pride), or perhaps out of jealousy. Sometimes, people don’t even think that far; they don’t think whether what they do or say will hurt others.

After all, none of us are perfect; nobody out there is perfect nor does anyone live a perfect life. We all go through things and that’s just a part of life – I like to say it as a journey of life.

we-are-all-guiltyNow, how can we forgive ourselves for our past mistakes? Try to reflect back to a time when we’ve wronged someone. Did we feel that guilt in us? That guilt is because deep down inside we know we’ve done something wrong unintentionally. Or perhaps it WAS intentional but we came back to our senses; woke up to our mistakes and started to feel bad for what we had done. Just like that, we not only hurt someone else but we’re also hurting ourselves internally.

Just knowing that we’ve done something wrong, it has been embedded into us. Well, many people if not all. Some people choose to not care but to those who care and feel that guilt, we need to let it go. Letting that guilt go is the key to forgiving ourselves.

When we have done something to hurt others and realize at one point what we did was wrong, what is the first thing most people think of? Apologizing, right?

Alright, so if you feel the need to apologize to that person then do it! Do it not only for the other person but also for yourself and actually mean it! But… what happens if you never get a chance to apologize? Well, you can’t say you didn’t try! If you had the intention on apologizing, that’s already the first step. If you don’t get the chance to, then it’s time for plan B. Acknowledge to yourself that you tried to apologize, and then let go of the guilt.


Let go of that inner guilt and look forward. Whether we choose to be happy or not, life goes on. Life will go on regardless of what happens down the road, so why not face every situation head on joyfully? It’s not that you didn’t want to apologize but you just didn’t have the opportunity to. Does it mean you won’t get this opportunity in the future? No one knows what the future holds except God, so why not leave it all in His hands? Maybe down the road we will run into those we have once wronged! Use that as a chance to apologize but don’t keep that guilt in you holding you down. Free yourself from guilt!

One thing that we should acknowledge is the fact that God already knows who we will wrong and how. Yet even knowing this, God forgives us. He forgives us regardless of what we have done in the past but it sure doesn’t give us an excuse to continue doing what’s wrong. We are to repent of all unrighteousness and strive to do better; to become a better person.

So, it comes down to this. God has forgiven us, so we shall forgive ourselves as well. If God, The One who has the final judgment on us has forgiven our sins then what is holding us back from forgiving ourselves? God said yes and no matter how many people say no, God is not going to change his answer. That does not only go for forgiveness, it goes for everything else that He has planned and prepared for us.

If even God has forgiven us, the more we should forgive ourselves and not hold any guilt upon ourselves. God accepts us the way we are and He accepts our past; God accepts all our flaws and imperfections. After all, He already knew which path we would take and He knew where we will go wrong. Without taking the wrong paths, we won’t learn. If everything was so perfect in life, there would not be any challenges in our way and there would not be any learning involved in life. However, is that how real life is? Do we not learn?

Learn to forgive yourself, remove the guilt. If you can come to forgive yourself, you will find yourself forgiving others easily. There will always be people who will wrong us but we have a choice. We can either laugh about it or become bitter and unforgiving.

Which do you choose? To be joyful or become bitter like those who wrong you?

If we all make the change to stay humble and not wrong others intentionally, this world would be a more peaceful place. We may have all the reasons to wrong others but it doesn’t mean we need bring forth our actions. If we use those reasons to hurt others, they become EXCUSES.

Stay humble.

2) Learn To Forgive Others

Learn To Forgive Others

Many times when we’re asked to forgive someone, it can be quite hard to do. However, in order to be forgiving we’re going to have to forgive others; I’m talking about TRUE forgiveness.

What is TRUE forgiveness you’re probably wondering. True forgiveness is when we look back or think back to how we were wronged and we’re not affected by it; we’re no longer angry about it, we no longer feel bitter about it, and we no longer have a feeling of hatred in us. How many people can say that they are able to truly forgive?

If you’re still feeling angry, bitter, and hate the guts out of the people who have wronged you then you have not truly forgiven. Maybe you’re telling yourself and/or others that you’ve forgiven so-and-so because it’s what you think… or feel. Little do you know that even the smallest things can trigger the bitterness… and then what? Are you going to say, “Well, I’m human and I have feelings. Just because I have forgiven that person doesn’t mean I can’t be mad.”? In response to that I’d have to say that in a way, yes, you are right. We are human and we have feelings but if we are to talk about forgiveness here then it wouldn’t apply. Why? Simple! If you have truly forgiven, all those feelings of resentment and vengeance would be gone! You would no longer BE mad!

Does It Affect You Still

Forgive those who wrong us even when they don’t deserve it. Forgive those who have wronged us without an apology. After all, what good does it do for us? If we don’t forgive others, would they feel guilty just because we are mad? I highly doubt it. i-am-sorrySo instead of us having to stay mad at others just because we never received an apology, we should just let it go and TRULY forgive them. That way, we gain the inner peace and what had happened no longer affects us in any way. If one day they come back to apologize, GREAT! If they don’t? Well, I would highly suggest that we continue to stay joyful and continue to forgive.

If those who wrong us can just walk away and enjoy life, why can’t we? Why let the anger and hatred linger in us to make us NOT enjoy our lives? Why should we let others affect how we feel? Be happy and joyful! Enjoy what life has to offer us and move on from what is now in the past.

No one is perfect, not even ourselves. How can we expect others to be perfect and treat us right when we can’t even do the same for others? How many of us can say we have NEVER wronged someone? There has got to be at least one incident in each of our lives. Perhaps you have done so unintentionally, that doesn’t mean you haven’t! Just as others wrong us, we wrong others as well whether it’s intentional or unintentional.

Forgive others just as you would want them to forgive you. I’m sure many of us would want to be forgiven for every time we wrong others. If we want that forgiveness, then how much more do others want forgiveness from us? Forgiveness does not need to be verbal, just the fact that you can put down what happened and continue to be a friend and continue to love your friends show that you have forgiven them; this doesn’t just apply to friends, it applies to family and all loved ones!


Sometimes, people wrong us without even realizing; unintentionally. There are also times when we go about doing our own thing not realizing that we have wronged others unintentionally as well. Most times, people get into arguments because of misunderstandings. How many of you would agree with that? Many people listen to argue and not listen to understand; everyone wants to be right! I’ll admit that sometimes I listen to argue too, I have to always remind myself to let the person finish before saying anything.

do-not-listen-to-argueI usually find myself not having much to say after the other person has voiced out. Maybe it’s because I was able to understand where he/she was coming from or sometimes I guess it’s because I get this feeling that if I say anything more, an argument would arise. Does that happen to you? Do you feel that way sometimes?

I mean yes, everyone likes to be right but isn’t that why we have arguments? One always has to win? Arguments only hurt the relationship because we tend to say things out of anger. What we say out of anger, we can’t take back. Plus, it might not even be something we meant to say but at that point in time we just blurt out whatever comes to mind arguing back. Why? Because we feel the need to WIN the argument.

Let me ask you this – So what if you win the argument? What do you get out of winning an argument? From what I see, instead of “winning” anything besides your pride and ego, you could lose a friend/partner. Is winning an argument worth losing someone we love? Personally, I’d rather “lose” to an argument. At the very least, I can acknowledge that this person and I cannot see eye to eye on certain things (which is fine) and that I know I still won in the end; won the relationship be it a friend, family, or a partner.


Everyone likes to be right but we can’t be right all the time. Make sacrifices if need be, lose if you have to in order to keep the peace between you and the person you’re arguing with; laugh it off! What greater way to get over an argument than to just laugh it out? Laugh at how silly it was to argue over nothing or something that can’t even be changed!

Going back, God forgives and accepts everyone, no matter how bad they are; just as He forgave us for the same reasons. He forgives everyone including those who do not believe in Him. Those who don’t believe in Jesus could say the worst things about him not knowing who He really is. Even then, God still forgives. So why can’t we learn to forgive others even when they wrong us? We all have a past but our past doesn’t define us! We have all the opportunity to make changes and become a better person!

right-and-wrongLearn to forgive others as Christ forgives us. We are not perfect, we do wrong things and we make bad choices. If we find ourselves pointing fingers at other people who are doing wrong, we also need to acknowledge that we are just the same. We may not be committing the same act as the other person but it doesn’t mean everything we do is right.

Forgive others of their wrong doings and don’t wish revenge on them. Do we know their stories behind what they are doing? Do we know their upbringing? No… instead of wishing them “bad luck”, we can pray for these people; pray for them to change and become a better person. Pray for them to see what they’re doing is wrong, and pray for guidance for those who walk astray.

We want this world to become a better place, we don’t need more bitterness!

Help This World Become A Better Place

3) Let Go Of The Past – Let It Be In The Past

Let Go Of The Past

To be forgiving, we also need to let go of the past and let the past stay in the past. People wrong us but so do we, whether it’s intentional or not. However, that doesn’t mean people don’t change because one day down the road, they will when the time comes.


People grow, and no I don’t mean in height or in weight. People grow maturely and some people grow from the situations they had faced. As I said in my previous post, life is a journey and there will always be ups and downs. Nobody lives a perfect life and while we all grow through both good and bad times, we become more mature. As we mature, we are no longer the same person as we were say, 10 years ago. Even our thoughts will change, agree with me here?

as-we-age-we-matureWhen we were kids, many of us were probably a tattletale. It’s normal for kids, no? But now when things happen for example, a friend punches us, do we go crying to the teacher or crying to our parents? We don’t, we pretty much just let it go. Does it actually hurt? As a kid, yes probably but now that we’re grown, we’ve experienced things that are even more painful than a light punch to the arm.

Everyone grows, people don’t stay the same. How we were 10 years ago would not define who we are today. We don’t just grow more maturely as life progresses but we face so many different situations that forces us to grow and mature. How many of us are now working? Don’t we face challenges almost everyday to meet deadlines or to have certain tasks done? Over time, we find ways to finish a task faster compared to our first day at work.

Do Not Judge

Let go of the past, and let it stay in the past. What happened has already happened and there’s no going back; we can’t turn back time. So why let the past linger into our present and let it affect us now? Those who have wronged us in the past may have already forgotten about you and I; do you think it’s still worth it to go back to the past and be angry at those who have wronged us? I don’t think it’s worth it.

Since we can’t do anything about our past, isn’t it better for us to just move on with life, look ahead, and do better? Or maybe we have done something in the past that we can’t forgive ourselves for. Well, it goes back to learning to forgive ourselves. We can’t turn back time, all we can do now is to make the necessary changes and do better; grow from the past and don’t make the same mistakes again.

Yesterday Is History Focus On Today

It’s already a fact that people have wronged us in the past but we can’t let that stop us from moving forward; we can’t let the past take away our inner peace, joy, and happiness. If the other party/parties don’t even think back to what they had done, they’ve probably forgotten about it anyway. Should we be the ones to sacrifice our own health and our own happiness? Let go of the past and start fresh each day.

We have the choice and a chance to change the situation we are in today. Do we want to make the same mistakes and keep getting held down by self guilt, or do we want to become a better person?

Let The Past Be An Experience

4) Let Go Of The Grudges – No Revenge; Emotionally or Physically

Let Go Of Grudges

Learn to let go of grudges to give yourself peace. Yes I know, you will say it’s hard and I totally get it. It is hard… I mean, it CAN be hard. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

Grudges Only Hurt OurselvesMany times, the grudges we hold are only hurting ourselves and not anyone else. The grudge we keep inside doesn’t affect other people but ourselves; the person we stay mad at isn’t affected by our grudges. Whether we let go of resentment/bitterness or not, the choice is ours. Like I said earlier in this post, if it doesn’t affect the person we’re mad at then why should we let it affect us? Why should we continue to be mad? Keeping that grudge isn’t healthy either; mentally and emotionally. Also, it makes us bitter to a point where we just end up picking out bad points about literally everyone.

Tell me, who’s perfect? Are you? Chances are, if you’re holding a grudge against someone, there are probably other people holding a grudge against you and you don’t even know it. Why? Because it doesn’t even affect you! Same goes to those whom you hold grudges against.

Going through pain is part of life, it’s not something that we can choose to avoid. Face this pain head on, get through it and we will be as good as new. The next time we run into another situation, do the same thing. This will be a cycle and each time we face similar situations, it’ll become easier to forgive anyone who has wronged us and we will no longer hold grudges against people. It’s simply just silly to hold a grudge, don’t you think? We first need to love ourselves, and by doing so we need to let go of these grudges so that we can have that peace and not be emotionally affected putting extra stress on our bodies.

do-something-greatThere are people who know they have wronged you but struggle to approach you and apologize, sometimes they will change knowing it was wrong. We need to learn to give everyone a chance to change instead of staying angry at them. For us to step up and not hold grudges actually help other people as well as our own wellbeing. It gives them a chance to realize that their approach was wrong. Will they realize it the next day? Probably not. Everything takes time but it doesn’t mean we need to stay mad.

A grudge means anger within, bitterness, hatred, and going against literally everything somebody does. When we hold a grudge against someone we are bitter about, we could never agree to anything that they do and we would most certainly find points to argue back. We make up all these excuses just to go against people because we want them to BE wrong and for us to be right.

When we are able to really let go of grudges, it means that when we think back to what happened, we will not react negatively towards that memory or the person who wronged us. Perhaps we won’t even react to it, period.

Letting go of grudges mean that what happened and whoever wronged us no longer affects us, we’ve put everything down and have truly forgiven them. If we are able to do that, we will no longer have that bitterness in us or feel bitter towards others. Most times, we hold a grudge to make the other party feel bad and suffer the way we did but 90% of the time they don’t even care and move on with life.

Holding onto grudges will not make those who wrong us apologize; not everyone will apologize for the hurt they cause. It doesn’t mean we cannot forgive them because we certainly can! We can let go of everything and when we let go of all our grudges, guess what? We have taken a HUGE step closer to being forgiving!

If letting go of grudges is the only thing that’s holding YOU back from being forgiving, now is the time to let the past go and drop the grudges behind you. Gain that inner peace, do it for yourself even if you’re not willing to do it for others. Not only will it make you feel better, it helps you in becoming more forgiving. Gradually, you will learn to overlook the times you are being wronged. Broaden your perspective and learn to see the good in everything; negativity, bitterness, anger, hatred… it’s not worth it!

Are You Willing


Is it easy to forgive? Yes because God has forgiven us. No because it’s easier said than done; we are after all, human. If it was so easy to forgive ourselves and to let go of grudges, we would not struggle to forgive others. I’d have to say that we struggle to be forgiving mainly because we’re not able to let go of the past. If we can master that, we’ll be more likely to forgive ourselves and others without much of an inner battle.

We have a choice to live freely full of joy and away from bitterness; no longer being affected by those who wrong us. Don’t blame others for the way each of us react because ultimately, we are the ones who decide to act a certain way. No one can make us mad, we are the ones who make ourselves mad – others can only trigger us. Notice that, keyword there is TRIGGER; they are just THE trigger but we are the ones who PULL the trigger. So can we now blame others for the way we react?


If we choose to be mad, make a change to get over it before heading to bed. Better yet, try to get over and let go of what happened shortly after; perhaps after venting or ranting. Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t say to gossip about those who have wronged you because that will only prolong your anger and create that bitterness in you.

Remember!!! Learn to let go of the past, learn to let go of any grudges, forgive others, and most importantly forgive yourself!

Think you can ace this? I know you can because I have the confidence in YOU!


Self reflection:

  • Are you able to forgive yourself?
  • Are you able to forgive others?
  • Do you hold any grudges deep down?

Questions for my readers:

  1. Do you think it’s worth it to stay mad at those who have moved on?
  2. Do you think it affects your health to be mad and to hold grudges?
  3. After reading this post, do you want to make any changes?
  4. Did this post help and encourage you to be forgiving?
  5. Are there any points you disagree with?
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16 Replies to “Why Do We Forgive – How To Be Forgiving”

  1. Such a great article and I myself have come along way when it come to forgiving people. What really opened my eyes was I was unforgiving, holding a grudge and unhappy, while they just moved on with their lives happily ever after.
    That’s when I learned to just let things go, life is too short.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this article! I have noticed many people around me who are held up being unforgiving and holding grudges which in the end makes them unhappy and very bitter. Honestly, to be around these people I feel for them because it’s the result of all the hurt built up inside. I also find it very hard to help them to be a more forgiving person and to let go of the past. I guess in the end, it just takes time for them to realize that life is too short to put themselves through more pain and suffering. After all, those who wrong us will move on with life as if they’ve never done anything while we’re so wrapped up around how we were hurt.

      Then again, many times it’s because of selfishness, pride, and ego. Now that is a little harder to work with!

      It was great to hear that you’ve opened your eyes to see the truth and that all those grudges aren’t worth being unhappy over. You deserve to live a happy and joyful life yourself! Surely doesn’t happen over night =)


  2. Omg Awesome, Teresa! It’s not easy to come up with such a loving and caring article, without having a big heart! It is really not easy to forgive someone. All out from your genuine heart.
    You have even put it into 4 main points. At the start when I saw your page, it has a very nice feel- the cover page picture at the start of the page and on the rest of the articles really looks great and interesting. You must have put in a lot of effort to come out with such a heart enriching article. (I’ve got a long way to practice and learn in this human aspect :o)
    The best part is at the end where it gives people a chance to remind ourselves to have self-reflection. Nowadays, people are so occupied with material achievement and keep on accumulating grudges by not being forgiving. This is a big piece of jigsaw puzzle missing out in many lives. Thank you for sharing, Teresa. GOD bless you and hope that he will help your dad and friend :o)

    1. Hi Terand,

      The brainstorming part of this post wasn’t hard I found. What’s hard was having to write up the rest of the article with all the points that I brainstormed. I had to make sure that I covered every point that I wanted into my post and then I just started slacking. I should really put in more time to work on my articles so that I can post once a week!!! Hopefully I can do that soon, maybe I’ll set that as my 2019 goal! LOL!

      It is very not easy to forgive someone especially when people are already holding lots of grudges and unforgiveness; not just for others but for themselves as well. We tend to always wrap our heads around our own mistakes and not being able to get over it because we feel the guilt. However, there is a way to let go of self guilt and forgive ourselves. For those who believe in Jesus, He will remove that self guilt because He forgives. Knowing that He forgives, why should we still feel guilty? I guess this is why many Christians will agree that this world needs Jesus; Jesus is the way. I’m not sure if you’re a believer or not so I hope you don’t feel offended by my response. Just a little sharing on my part.

      I’m glad the photo on my cover page gave you that nice feeling, it’s definitely what I tried doing; giving that nice and peaceful feel to my website and not bombard people and push them away, that’s that last thing I would want so I’m really glad you gave me feedback on that. Phew!

      I’m just glad that I was able to write a meaningful post to share with everyone. I guess because of all that I have actually had to deal with in past years and seeing how many people go through unforgiveness, it was an easy article and I could apply their lives into my post in hopes to help others who are just like them. This will always be a lifelong lesson for us all, learning to keep forgiving after every time we are wronged or hurt.

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Seems like it wasn’t a bad idea after all for me to add a little bit of a reflection at the end of my post! Very exciting to read everyone’s comments =)


  3. This is one of the hardest things for me, to forgive. Myself and others. I sometimes cry because of past mistakes and wish I could go back and pray that God forgive me, but I also have trouble forgiving others. Not so much when they wrong me, but when they hurt someone I really love. My friend’s children mistreat her continually, and I have such a hard time even looking at them because I am so angry, so I try to pray for them instead of being mad at them all the time. I loved your article. Thanks!

    1. Hi Babs,

      Forgiveness is definitely hard, not just for yourself but for everyone. Maybe it’s easier for some people because they have been practising in doing so for years. I’d have to say, it’s quite “normal” but please also know that as long as you have asked for forgiveness, God has already forgiven you. Please do not hold yourself in guilt, be free my friend. Don’t let self guilt hold you back when you have already been forgiven. The moment you have asked for forgiveness, you have been forgiven and it should no longer make you feel bad for what you have done. Yes, there are times when we wish we could go back but the fact is we can’t. So, if we’re not able to go back in time to change what we have done then we should learn from our past mistakes and not do it again in the future.

      The past is history, it’s all in how we treat others now. God will not only forgive you and I, He will forgive everyone whether they apologize to you or not. Forgiving others is hard and many people struggle through it but is it worth the pain? We would be much more joyful if we are filled with happy thoughts. You deserve the joy and happiness, you don’t deserve to carry the burden that others place in you; don’t allow it. Be who God wants you to be, just remember that. When you find yourself thinking about the past, remember that God has already forgiven you and He accepts you regardless, loves you regardless. He loves all your flaws and imperfection!

      It’s hard to help others who are being mistreated. For us, what we can do is so limited but not for God so you’re doing the right thing. Keep praying for them and in return God will help them as well as yourself; He will give you that peace =)

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article!


  4. Hi Teresa, Thanks for this amazing article. I think Forgiving ourselves is a very important lesson for us to learn, after all we are only human. I will be sharing this

    1. Hi Marvin!

      Yes, indeed! Forgiving ourselves is very important and it’s not easy because like you said, we’re only human and we have feelings. It can be hard to win our feelings over but our minds will always be stronger. I would have to say that forgiveness in general is a lesson for all to learn. Some find it easy and some unfortunately struggle because of all the hurt that’s accumulated in them.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article and yes, please share this with friends and family! =)


  5. This is an excellent post and I am glad that I found it today!
    I have found that I just could not forgive some people until I learned to love myself more. Once I clued in to that, I had to work double time on loving myself.
    I still have trouble forgiving some people because the hurt goes back to childhood, but I know I will be able to someday.

    I am going to save this page so that I can come back and reflect on how I am doing and how far I have come. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Irma,

      I’m so glad and happy to know that you found my post yesterday!

      Same with you, I found myself struggling to forgive some people because I didn’t love myself enough. Self love is definitely really important! I didn’t learn that until one day I literally thought to myself, “you know what Teresa, you deserve so much more than this. Don’t let others control your happiness, put yourself before others it’s time to love yourself more.” I think that was when I started to learn to really forgive others of what they have done to hurt me. Many times we think we love ourselves but in reality, it’s more so our pride and ego that makes us feel that way. If we truly love ourselves, we will forgive ourselves and forgive others. It’s a whole learning process, that’s for sure!

      I think we will always struggle to forgive some people but like you said, I know I will be able to some day. It may not happen the day of and it could happen the very next day or even the next hour! How awesome is it to know the importance of forgiveness and being able to forgive others no matter how they have wronged us? =)

      I hope you check back for future posts even though it may not be on forgiveness!


  6. I definitely agree to everything you said!
    It’s not ok to stay mad at someone, you should move on from holding grudge for sure, as it is not very good for your emotions.
    It was a very good article!
    Forgiving is the key to a happy life!

    1. Hi Stefania!

      Nope, holding grudges are definitely not good for our emotions. Grudges affect us in so many ways! Oh, I think I just got an idea of what to write in a future post; holding grudges!!!

      I’m happy to know that you enjoyed reading my article and yes, forgiveness is the key to happiness! =)

      Hope you check back for future posts!


  7. Good article Teresa.

    I find forgiving others help a lot if I know HOW God has forgiven our wrongdoings…and the extent on His forgiving!

    He said he has forgiven us even when we were murdering His Son (Jesus) on the cross! His unconditional love and mercy of this act, should make us believe of how much more God forgives us, if we believe that He has forgiven us of our wrongdoings at the cross…no matter what is the wrongdoing (maybe nothing as major as murdering)

    1. Hey Thomas!

      How amazing is our God who loves us unconditionally? Not only does He give us second chances, He gives unlimited chances for us in hopes that we will actually CHANGE and REPENT! I am so that God called me back to Him.. or more like, I needed that push to go back. It felt like it was the only choice I had but as we know, God has His ways of getting us back on track. I’m blessed either way =)


  8. Hi Teresa,

    This is a very thought provoking post. Forgiveness is something that I have had a hard time with throughout my life however, I have been working on it. This post gave me some great insight as to how I can get better at it. Per your question, I really do think that forgiveness can effect your health in a negative way. When I think about he people I’ve met that hold grudges the longest and never forgive, they always seem to reflect it physically. They look much older and more worn out than they should. I truly think that it can affect us down to our soul if we do not let it go. Thank you for writing this. I will be sharing it with others.

    1. Hi Dan!

      I am so glad and happy to know that this post has helped quite a few people. Hopefully, it’ll help more in the long run!

      Forgiveness is indeed hard to do and it isn’t something everyone can do overnight. Even people who are forgiving can end up getting wrapped around an issue but luckily most of them, with a reminder to be forgiving will eventually let it go. I’m very excited to know that you are working on being more forgiving. As long as you’ve got your foot in, you will get there! I know it!

      Yes, those who hold grudges tend to be bitter and want revenge; hurting others as they have been hurt. However, this is not how life should be because love alone can conquer so many things like hatred, anger, and bitterness. It does take a toll on the individual and the moment they can release the bitterness, you can see their face lit up; the moment you see that true smile on their face, it’s priceless!

      Thank you so much in advance for sharing this post with others, I’m so excited to read feedbacks from my readers!


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